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> Lords of Acid, techno+sex=?
сообщение 27 Nov 2008, 20:41
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на торрентс.ру лежит все это добро
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сообщение 8 Dec 2008, 14:51
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Lords Of Acid - Lust, 1996, Never Records, info

1. Take Control
2. Rough Sex
3. Let's Get High
4. The Most Wonderful Girl
5. I Sit On Acid (Original)
6. Spacy Bitch
7. Pump My Body To The Top
8. Mixed Emotions
9. Lessons In Love
10. Hey Ho!
11. I Must Increase My Bust
12. I Sit On Acid (Remix)
13. The Wet Dream
14. Paris France
15. I Sit On Acid '96

В архиве:
Потрековый аре + cue.
P.S. только сейчас заметил, что треки назвал Lords Of Acids )). Видимо кто-то на freedb их так назвал, а я когда резал образ на треки не обратил внимание.

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сообщение 10 Dec 2008, 13:49
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Lords Of Acid - Voodoo-U, 1994, American Recordings, info

1. Voodoo-U
2. The Crab Louse
3. She And Mr. Jones
4. Do What You Wanna Do
5. Young Boys
6. Out Comes The Evil
7. Mister Machoman
8. Marijuana In Your Brain
9. Special Moments
10. Dirty Willy
11. Drink My Honey
12. Blowing Up Your Mind

В архиве:
Потрековый аре + cue. Изначально был правильный образ, который разрезал через виртуалку.

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сообщение 10 Dec 2008, 13:56
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Lords Of Acid - The Crablouse, Maxi-Single, 1994, Caroline Records, info

1. The Crablouse (In It's Native Enviroment)(Album Mix)
2. The Crablouse (Whatever You Do Remain Calm)
3. The Crablouse (Ludo's No Visable Symptoms)
4. The Crablouse (Ludo's It's There To Stay)
5. The Crablouse (Ludo's Coming Even Harder)
6. The Crablouse (Joey's Sample To The Lab)
7. The Crablouse (Joey's Nothing Can Kill It)
8. The Crablouse (Joey's The Seven Year Itch)
9. The Crablouse (Roli's Cured By Muscle)
10. The Crablouse (Roli's The Body Is Our Destiny)
11. Don't Kill For Love

В архиве:
Потрековый аре + cue. Изначально был правильный образ, который разрезал через виртуалку.

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сообщение 27 Jan 2010, 21:08
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Ещё в продолжение темы - Digital Orgasm - Do It!


Всё те же товарищи, да ещё самая заводная и хитовая версия Injected With a Poison (M.N.O. Remix) - тоже вроде их визитной карточки.
Running Out of Time, впрочем, тоже была любима "правильными" радиостанциями. По М-Радио её временами гоняли.


01 - Time To Believe
02 - Running Out Of Time
03 - Keep On Flying
04 - Startouchers
05 - Mission To Be Free
06 - Guilty Of Love
07 - Another World
08 - Switch The Mood
09 - Reality
10 - Forever And A Day
11 - Magick

Bitrate: VBR-std-new

Ну и альбом Praga Khan&Jade 4U - A Spoonful of Miracle


01 - Injected With A Poison
02 - Phantasia Forever
03 - I Feel Good
04 - Give Me Your Lovin'
05 - Rave Alert
06 - Moonday
07 - Travel Through Time
08 - God Of Abraham
09 - Flesh And Blood
10 - Love Me Baby
11 - I Will Survive
12 - Love Peace Freedom

Bitrate: 256 kbps

Сообщение отредактировал B-Shadow - 27 Jan 2010, 21:12

They do it for money, but he for fun
He won't get away until the job is done
Drinkin' drinkin' like an alchoholic
The guy is just a workaholic!
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DeeJay Dan
сообщение 4 Jun 2016, 15:07
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Lords of Acid – Smoking Hot (2016)

Artist: Lords of Acid
Title: Smoking Hot
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Electronic, Alternative
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 49:32 min
Total Size: 117 MB
WebSite: Album Preview

01. Voodoo U
02. Rover Take Over
03. Sole Sucker
04. She and Mrs. Jones
05. Nasty Love
06. Lover
07. Most Wonderful Girl
08. Hot Magma
09. Fingerlicking Good
10. Sexbomb
11. Drowning in Ecstasy
12. Stripper

Lords of Acid’s exaggeratedly sexual acid house dance music gained a cult following with their 1991 album, Lust. Previously, the band had released three singles that laid the groundwork for the dense, throbbing Lust and its club hits, “Rough Sex” and “I Must Increase My Bust.” Between their debut and their second album, 1994’s Voodoo-U, Lords of Acid added industrial elements to their sound and became a more straightforward, band-oriented group. At the time of their second album, Lords of Acid were led by Lady Galore (born Ruth McArdle; vocals) and featured bassist Lord T. Byron (born Frank Vloeberghs), keyboard player Shai de la Luna, and drummer McGuinness (born Kurt Liekens). Subsequent efforts include 1997’s Our Little Secret and 1999’s Expand Your Head. Farstucker followed in early 2001, as well as a series of “stript” (their term) re-releases that cut the vocals from the original albums. With a few unreleased cuts, the 2005 compilation Greatest T*ts would have to hold fans over until 2011 when the Little Mighty Rabbit EP arrived. The EP’s title track would be featured on the album Deep Chills, which followed in 2012. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine.


ЭКСКЛЮЗИВНАЯ МУЗЫКА http://soundcloud.com/deejay-dan

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